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Welcome to helpmebbq.com where we have smokin' tips, techniques and recipes to make you a better backyard or competition cook.


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Study Hard, Learn Fast:

Study Hard, Learn Fast
If you're lookin' to improve your backyard cooking techniques, or, improve your game on the barbecue contest circuit, then you've come to the right place! We have both the skill and the knowledge to make you a much better cook! More information added weekly!

Helping You Barbecue Better:

Radical About Grillin'We're radical about grilling and barbecuing and have the greatest advise for all levels of outdoor cooks. Check out our tons of recipes with more coming online each week as well as the hottest tips and techniques for consistently succeeding on your grill or barbecue pit. Our goal: Make your BBQ the best while enjoying every moment of the experience. As we said, relax, study all our pages well and get ready to receive more praise than you can stand!


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demoWe hope you enjoy our new presentation!  We are adding new recipes, tips, techniques and much more to help you become a better outdoor cook.  Come back often & see what we have new!

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Welcome to Help Me Bbq!

Our objective is, simply put, to make you a better outdoor cook by teaching you how to barbecue! To this end, we will be offering great recipes that are easy, yet very flavorful.

What we will not be doing is giving you some off-the-cuff, cookie-cutter, ladies home magazine technique or recipe which will never come close to the tried and true techniques that many competition cooks utilize at every contest!

Bbq School Is Open

Help Me Bbq, among other things, is a first class learning center for those folks who would like to learn more. And when we say "learn more", we are talking about learning the right way, not the say your dad or friend might have done it. We are talking about tried, true and proven methods of outdoor cooking that will win barbecue contests as well as win friends and family over. They will be asking...why do you do this or that? ...how do you make that so juicy? ...how do you make that taste so good? Well, we'll show you how, it'll be up to you to decide if you will tell them about this site and all the great ideas we have for you! It won't be easy, but it will be fun and flavorful!

We Have Fabulous Recipes For You

When you get right down to it, recipes are what make the food flavorful. They generally have the right proportions of each ingredient to make your food taste really great! Sure, recipes are to be "played with " or to be "tinkered with" to suite our individual preferences - that is what makes us all different. Here at Help Me Bbq, we are going to be offering you some great recipes as well as giving some ideas on tweaking ingredients, suggesting cool techniques to improve the results as well as some neat tips to consider.




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