Common Mistakes Beginners Make


If we're not making mistakes then we're either stuck in a rut, or not trying new things.  Same is true with outdoor cooking.  Mistakes are great teachers!


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Common Mistakes Beginners Make

This is a fun we've all been there!

When you make a mistake do you laugh, shrugging off our kick the dirt? Is your glass half-empty or half-full? Do you say "this entire thing was a waste of time" and look at how much money you've lost or do you say Euricka! I know what I did wrong and now I've got it right?"

We've been cooking for 40+ years and have visited with many championship teams. We've heard the horror stories as well as the trials and tribulations. We've see the joy of success and more importantly we've seen individuals and barbecue teams struggle to find what they consider the perfect method of cooking their entry.

The same is true with the backyard cook. You're striving to do the best you can with the equipment and expertise you own.

What is a mistake?

I guess we would call a mistake, for the purposes of this web site, any action which produced undesirable results which allows you to determine a different way to make it work. The funny thing is, occasionally we still make some common mistakes, which with a little forethought, would have guided us in a much more positive direction.

Check out some of our common, sometimes hilarious - sometimes sad, mistakes. We feel if you read and understand these mistakes you don't have to relive them!

See Our Beginners Common Mistakes




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